Complimentary cap with orders above 1500 SEK. Info on cap product page.
Complimentary cap with orders above 1500 SEK. Info on cap product page.


All glassware pieces from BOBO are individually mouth-blown by master glass blowers in Shanxi, China. The province is famous for being a hub for glass-blowing, where the local workshops have specialized in mouth-blowing glass since the early 1920s. There is generations of knowledge and expertise going into every single piece of BOBO glassware enabling durability, elegance and the ultra fine rim.

Each piece is unique due to the beautiful irregularities made by rapid heating and cooling. Mouth-blowing glass is the oldest and original method of glass design. In this technique, the artisan places heated and molten glass mass at the end of a blowpipe, the ”gather”. The blowpipe is then carefully rotated and the glass is inflated for preliminary shaping. This is done while maintaining the proper temperature of the gather and incorporating air into the glass.

Then the glass is heated and inflated again, but this time into a custom mold. This allows the glass to get the intended shape. The next step is to remove the glass. An iron rod is used to free the vessel from the blowpipe. Then the glass is finished by cutting off the top and grinding the rim. Once this process is done, the vessel is heated again and further clarifications are made to the shape and form.

A meticulous process that requires time and high level of skill, and inevitably comes at a higher cost, but all worth it for the beauty and taste experience of the result. BOBO rejuvenates this craftsmanship to make it more accessible by ensuring no middle-men, for consumers as for restaurants.