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One day, the 19th century French poet Gérard de Nerval was out on a walk with his pet lobster in the gardens of the Palais-Royal. “They are tranquil, serious and they know the secrets of the sea.” he explained as passerbys challenged him.

Even though this human is merely an example of who BOBO is, he depicts the mingle between achievement and insurgency that juvenescence of today is all about. As well as contemporary is about quality, technology and ambition it is also about self-expression, novelty and irregularity. We want our possessions to be the best, but we also want them to speak to our personality. The need to curate.

In 1970s Gothenburg, BOBO made its first tottering steps into the world. A tiddly enterprise speacializing in print. Grown tired of the ordered, rational-thinking and self-disciplined sense of our surroundings we started to quest for spirituality, rebellion and vivid experiences. The off-spring of this, most inspired by de Nerval, resulted in a new edition of the BOBO enterprise, in the form of delicate, yet approachable, glassware. Qualitative enough for white table cloths but cute and funky to fit any occasion, drink vessels able to spur extraterrestrial taste experiences.

Based in Sweden.