Complimentary cap with orders above 1500 SEK. Info on cap product page.
Complimentary cap with orders above 1500 SEK. Info on cap product page.



All crystal glasses sold on are lead-free and are therefore, as opposed to traditional crystal, able to withstand the higher temperature of modern dishwashers. Whereas washing the glasses in by hand, can present a risk that the glass will be exposed to unnecessary pressure from the dish brush or cloth. 

With that said, not all dishwashers, including water quality and pressure, and detergents, are appropriate. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your BOBO glasses will not break when washed in the machine dishwasher. Please, be cautious when you handle your BOBO glasses and make sure when loading your dishwasher that the glasses are not sitting too tight between other items. The safest spot is on to top tray, on the rows closest edges of the tray. It is better to place your glasses 180 degrees upside down rather than lying down. When washing stemware, if available, use a glass rack in the dishwasher as it provides support to the glassware and stops your glasses from moving around.

It is recommended to use rinse aid if you feel that your BOBO glasses have lost their shine. If you want a more sustainable alternative to rinse aid, which oftentimes contains environmental toxins. Vinegar, “ättika” in Swedish, works as well.


To achieve high shine on your glasses it is recommended using BOBO's polishing cloth, which you can find in the online store under accessories. Be very careful when polishing your ultra fine rim glassware. When polishing stemware, never hold the glass by the base when polishing the cup/bowl to avoid stem snap. When polishing the cup/bowl, grip the glass by the cup/bowl. Gently polish the inside and outside of your glass. Be careful not to put too much pressure on it. Move your grip to the stem of the glass, then polish the base. Finally, wipe the stem.


It is not recommended to stack BOBO glasses as they have an ultra fine rim. Save your BOBO boxes for when you need to move your glasses safely from A to B.