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BOBO Drajja - It does not get more personal than this

Some say six to one, Montgomery insisted on fifteen to one. For Winston, it was enough to simply call a friend who just opened a bottle of vermouth, or to stir the gin over ice and while glancing over on the vermouth bottle. It can be a pickled onion, an olive or with a twist. Or an Oliver Twist. It can be shaken or stirred. It can be dirty. It can be ugly, elegant, or flirty. But it's never anything but immensely cold*, with dryness as its north star. Simple yet disputed.

Note: The easiest way to spot a psycho is to dip your pinky in their dry martini - If it's lukewarm, do best by staying away.

BOBO Middy - “Uncle Glenn, why do you always order a Middy?”

“Uncle Glenn, why do you always order a Middy?” During the warm months in Australia, Glenn explained to his nephew, the ale quickly gets unpleasant if you pour too much at once. The smaller size of 25 cl keeps the beverage fresh.

Suitable for: Beer, water or as a small highball glass.
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